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Free Highfield Discovery Garden Admission with Ohio EBT Card

Visitors with a valid food assistance card (Ohio Direction Card or Ohio EBT card) can receive FREE admission to the Highfield Discovery Garden on regular operating days. The Highfield Discovery Garden is 12-acre garden designed to encourage kids of all ages to explore the natural world in a fun, engaging

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Shared by United Resource Connection March 27, 2024

Apply Online for Job & Family Services

The Hamilton County Department of Job & Family Services has an online portal that allows individuals and families to apply for services completely online. The portal allows applicants to sign electronically when submitting their application for services. The Hamilton County Department of Job and Family Services offers a number of

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Shared by United Resource Connection March 20, 2024

Get A Library Card!

Cincinnati & Hamilton County Public Library Cards are available to all Ohio residents. You can get a library card by completing an online application or by stopping by your local branch. Having a library card offers numerous benefits that extend beyond the simple act of borrowing books. Library cards grant

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Shared by United Resource Connection March 14, 2024

FREE Peer Support Tools for Grieving Children

Supporting grieving children is crucial as they navigate the complex emotions and challenges that come with loss. Providing a safe space for children to express their feelings and fears can help them cope and heal. Tools for care providers, such as grief counseling techniques tailored to children’s developmental stages, storybooks

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Shared by United Resource Connection February 29, 2024

Upcoming Free Ballet and Yoga Events

Several Hamilton County Public Libraries are hosting FREE yoga and ballet events for individuals of all ages. Practicing yoga promotes flexibility, strength, and balance, enhancing physical well-being regardless of age. Ballet fosters grace, coordination, and posture, contributing to overall body awareness and confidence throughout life’s stages. Both disciplines offer mental

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Shared by United Resource Connection February 22, 2024

FREE Assistance with Medicaid & SNAP Enrollment

HealthSource of Ohio provides FREE over-the-phone insurance application help. Assistance includes help with applications for Medicaid, Emergency Medicaid, Medicaid renewals, and SNAP food benefit applications and renewals. This assistance is provide to anyone who is an Ohio resident and U.S. citizen. People who receive this assistance are not required to be,

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Shared by United Resource Connection February 20, 2024

Young Child Institute at Central Clinic

The Young Child Institute at Central Clinic Behavioral Health is accepting new clients. The program offers individual play-based therapy for children ages 0 to 6. Play-based therapy uses the therapeutic power of play to help children achieve growth and development. Family members are included to support the child’s progress. Appointments

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Shared by United Resource Connection February 7, 2024

Sesame Street Child Development Resources Available Online

Sesame Street (dot) org has a number of developmental resources on multiple topics ranging from asthma and autism, to daily routines, dealing with divorce, traumatic experiences, and parental addiction. These resources can be helpful inside or outside of clinical settings to support children dealing with difficult circumstances. One can search

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Shared by United Resource Connection February 2, 2024

FREE Pack-and-Plays Available for Eligible Families through the Health Department

The Ohio Department of Health, Bureau of Maternal, Child and Family Health partners with Cribs for Kids and local organizations throughout Ohio to provide free pack-and-plays and safe sleep education to eligible families.  Many homes lack safe sleeping spaces for babies. Sleeping in a bed with a baby or placing

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Shared by Hamilton County Public Health December 27, 2023

For Children of Addiction, Support Resources During the Holidays

For children and young adults of families impacted by addiction, the holidays, substance misuse, and its related stresses may bring on a great deal of additional fear and isolation. Here are some resources and guidance that can be used to help them through the season. The National Association for Children

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Shared by United Resource Connection December 20, 2023

FREE Daily Mindfulness Exercises for Youth

In partnership with The Cleveland Orchestra, there are FREELY available 40+ weeks of daily mindfulness exercises for Children preschool age through 12th grade. The exercises are available as YouTube videos, designed to facilitate youth brain development with music and mindfulness instruction. A sample video is available for those interested. There

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Shared by United Resource Connection November 18, 2023

Afterschool Child Enrichment Savings Program

Ohio offers an Afterschool Child Enrichment Savings program which provides qualifying families with a $500 credit. The credit can be used to pay for a variety of enrichment activities, deemed to accelerate learning for students impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. These funds can be used for: Before- or after-school educational

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Shared by United Resource Connection October 20, 2023

FREE CPS FALL Wrestling Clinic

Cincinnati Public Schools will be hosting a FREE youth wrestling clinic available for children in Kindergarten through 6th grade. The clinic will be held at Aiken High School, located at 5642 Belmont Avenue, on Saturday, October 21st. The clinic will be led by CPS Varsity Wrestling Coaches. The clinic will focus

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Shared by United Resource Connection October 3, 2023