The Current State of Homelessness in Cincinnati

Please read on for an update on the programs and services, successes and system improvements to end homelessness in Greater Cincinnati. And where we, unfortunately, see concerns. How our Homeless System is Responding to the COVID-19 Crisis We need to assist those experiencing homelessness today or who about to become

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Shared by Strategies to End Homelessness October 30, 2020

Our Take on “The Public”

Kevin Finn, President/CEO, Strategies to End Homelessness This weekend the movie, The Public, opened in theaters across the country and here in Cincinnati. The movie was filmed and set in Cincinnati. And tells a fictional story of the takeover of the downtown library by a group of homeless men during a

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Shared by Strategies to End Homelessness April 9, 2019

Winter Shelter in Jeopardy

Please help house our homeless neighbors this winter. Consider a donation, today. The post Winter Shelter in Jeopardy appeared first on Strategies to End Homelessness. Click to visit original source at Strategies to End Homelessness (.org)

Who is Homeless in Cincinnati?

Our goal is to prevent as many people as possible in Cincinnati and Hamilton County from becoming homeless. We aim to provide high-quality assistance to those who are homeless, and provide solutions to homelessness through housing. We also work to better understand the collective data on who is homeless. In

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Shared by Strategies to End Homelessness January 25, 2018

You can End Homelessness in Cincinnati this season

Thank you for sharing our mission to end homelessness in Cincinnati. Your generosity assists those experiencing homelessness, today, and prevents more families from becoming homeless, tomorrow. At Strategies to End Homelessness, we lead a coordinated community effort to end homelessness in Cincinnati. And right now, the needs of our neighbors

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Shared by Strategies to End Homelessness November 22, 2017

Solving the Problem of Youth Homelessness

In Hamilton County, the reasons for youth homelessness are as diverse as the population of youths experiencing homelessness themselves. Contributing factors include everything from employment to education, from housing to transportation, and from health issues to legal issues. To address youth homelessness, we need to take into account their many

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Shared by Strategies to End Homelessness November 17, 2017

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